Friday, June 15, 2012

Listen To God Only And Not Your Thoughts

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in our thoughts until we get so paranoid or fearful or worried.

If you are like me before I transformed my way of thinking, try this.

Get hold of any grace/ Jesus preacher like JosephPrince, JoyceMeyer, AndrewWommack, JoelOsteen and many others' mp3 to listen to.

Read their books. Google them and find out how much Jesus loves you.

When you have a full revelation of how much Jesus loves you, you will have security that no matter what happens to you , you will be ok because Jesus is in control and He is always with you.

God speaks through these awesome grace preachers.
They are His messenger. So be glad and embrace this truth!

Stop whatever you are thinking now and listen to God's Word instead.

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