Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Highly Recommended Book: 100 Days of Favor

Hi my friend...

I suppose by now you are already familiar with my pastor here in Singapore Joseph Prince Jesus' teachings.

Like you, I have been so blessed by it.

I'm so thankful for the truth that I have learned from him.

It surely has set me free!

Now let ne share with you one of his books that I'm reading right now.

It's "100 Days of Favor" book.

I'm on day 80+ now.

With my busy work and everyday activities, no matter how much I tried not to miss a day reading it, it's inevitible.

Sometimes I skip reading it in a day or two.

But it's ok.. No condemnation!

What's important is your sincerety in being hungry for it...right?

I read it on different times in a day, in the morning, or night time just before going to bed.

But lately with tons of projects pouring in the office, (such a blessing thank You Jesus) this book is stuck in my office too.

I read in the morning whenever I get a chance to...

Or just when I'm about to go home..

And guess what... It refreshes me everytime.

See! Even if I'm so tired today, I can still blog about it.


Ok so my point it is.

I suggest you get a hold of this book.

I think it's available on ebay or Amazon or you can check his website www.josephprinceministry.org.

I'm telling this because "100 Days of Favor" really has strengthened my faith and

Got to know Jesus more and more.

It's awesome and you should really experience it yourself.

Guaranteed ,this powerful "100 Days of Favor" will change your life!

And if you're free , you can message or like my page www.facebook.com/fillmyheartjesus

Till next time and God bless you more and more for sticking with Him
no matter what.

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