Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Creation Church - Forgiven Much (w/ lyrics)

Live worship leaded by New Creation Church worship team in Caesarea Maritima, Israel.
(13th September 2012)
Forgiven Much

Verse 1:
Jesus, You are my King, You're my King,
Lamb of God, You're my sin offering,
There is none who would die for my gain,
You alone made this selfless exchange.

For your love will never fail,
Your love will never fail.

Verse 2:
I declare You're my God, You're my God,
You've removed all my fears, all my doubts,
At the cross, there Your will is revealed,
Every sickness and pain You have healed.


Now and evermore I say, You are my righteousness,
My life is in Your hands, in Your hands,
Now and evermore I say, I am forgiven much,
Your mercy knows no end, knows no end,

It knows no end.

Verse 3:
Lord I call on Your name, on Your name,
You've removed all my sins, all my shame,
By Your grace in Your arms I am found,
Dearly loved and with goodness I'm crowned.

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