Sunday, November 8, 2015

Confused Christian?

Well, I am not so familiar with this guy. I only come to see his page when I saw this on my newsfeed.

Joseph Prince is my pastor.
Firstly, our pastor Joseph Prince has told us, if ever we find some bad articles about him on the news or web telling that he is like this and like that, we should never get angry nor defend him. Instead, he keeps pointing us to back to Jesus. Our finisher of faith. That no matter what, at the end of the day, we all would be dealing with Him anyway.

In my journey as a Christian,
I have seen some pastors gossiping or telling or judging another pastor if it doesn't coincide with their beliefs.
Some would even spend time writing an article (just like what this guy is doing) to make other people doubt another them. Or make bad his name.
This style has been going on for years. Even Jesus was judged. Who would escape from that wrath?

Joseph Prince is different.
He doesnt spend his time writing an article about someone or pastors. However, he boldly address them in public in general.
You see,
as a true Christian we shouldn't go on judging whether someone is a true preacher or whether he is teaching the true gospel.
Because that is not our job.
Although, we sometimes get confused. It's alright.
But don't let some truths of another becomes a lie or vice versa.
We are not suppose to spend our time on that.

What you should do?


Just talk it out to Jesus!

The Holy Spirit will guide you.

If you feel at peace in some truth.

Seek it.

If you are uncomfortable with your truth, seek God's leading.

That simple.

Joseph Prince is one pastor that I admire so much not because he is my pastor. But because he knows our awesome God.

He keeps leading and pointing me back to Jesus.

Because Jesus is the answer to all of your questions.

Once you are settled with that truth,
Man! You can live in this world free of fears, anxities, worries because
you live in the truth that someone up there loves you so and that
He will never forsake or leave you!

Yes, dear friends.

Let God's truth set you free!

Talk to Him about it.

Talk to Him about your doubts and all.

Discuss and argue with Him.

He loves it.

Goodnight everyone!

Talk soon♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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