Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eternal Glory (Jesus Calling)

What I learned in this world is that,
problems big or small will come to hunt you down.
It's a never-ending opponent.
It is just waiting for you to give up.

Well, those stuff are the works of the devil. So, better do not fall from it.

I, too am facing problems everyday of my life.

But I decided, everytime it comes near me, to use it as a "bread" as a weapon to come BOLDLY to our Abba, Father who is always willing to lift us up and protect us.

Don't get shaken by whatever you are facing now. Personal, family, financial, marital, health or relationship issues. If you just give it all to God , and trust Him for what He is in your life... You will arise above it all as a VICTOR!

Blessed Sunday everyone!
Enjoy today's awesome devotional from Jesus Calling (Sarah Young)

We have small troubles for a while now, but they are helping us gain an eternal glory. That glory is much greater than the troubles.
—2 Corinthians 4:17 (ICB)

When you have a problem that goes on and on, with no end in sight, see it as a wonderful opportunity. An ongoing problem is like having a tutor who is always by your side. If you are willing, you can learn so much from your trouble.

Ask Me to open your eyes and your heart to all that I am doing through this problem. I may be teaching you patience or persistence. Perhaps I am strengthening your faith or your courage.

Then thank Me for the lessons you are learning. When you can be thankful for a problem, it loses its power to drag you down. In fact, your thankful attitude lifts you up into heavenly places with Me, where you see the situation from My point of view. This lets you see your problem as a small, temporary trouble that is helping you gain an eternal Glory—blessings that will never end!


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