Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Treasure Hunt

My heart sings with gladness with God's promises.
Oh Lord. Thank You for being with me in this life's exciting journey.
How will I make it without You by my side?

God is the one who saves me. I trust him. I am not afraid.

—Isaiah 12:2 (ICB)

Did you know that you are on a treasure hunt? It’s not a hunt for a prize, a bag of candy, or even a pirate’s chest full of gold. It’s a hunt for Me. I am the Treasure. I’ve given you the map of My Holy Word to follow, and I’ve given you My Spirit to guide you.

The road you must take is not an easy one, but the Treasure is worth it! All along the way, I’m waiting to give you jewels of blessings. Hardships are part of the journey too—just as they are with any great adventure. But don’t be afraid; I’m with you. I will give you strength, and I will fill your heart with a joy that will make you sing. And at the end of your journey is the greatest treasure of all—eternity with Me!

Psalm 27:8; 2 Corinthians 4:7


- feed your FAITH and your doubts will starve -

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