Monday, March 6, 2017

I DecidedTo Follow Jesus (My Water Baptism 4 Mar 2017)

#MyChristianDiary ep 33

So I just had my Water Baptism last Sat.
4 Mar 2017.
I have been a Christian for 9 years but was only
able to grasp the real meaning of Water Baptism recently.

(Must be the Holy Spirit poking me? )

Our pastor just said, "it doesn't matter if you've been a christian for 10 yrs or 20 yrs before you decided to get baptised . Important thing is the "Now" and you have boldy taken that step to declare publicly your faith in Jesus !"

I said "Wow!That message is for me!"


This is it!

I wanna tell the whole world about Jesus.

I am so filled with His love, joy and peace that I just wanna pay Him back.
Although He really didn't ask for it.
I say, this one is effortless.

This is worth-celebrating!

Following Jesus is a decision. And I shall not depend on my feelings anymore. Feelings just gonna deceive you. But Faith? It will take you there.

My thoughts now?

If He is gonna change me ? I shall embrace it.
But for now. ( Did I mention that I am a girl who loves girls too? Yeah. A lesbian. 😬. Do not judge me okay?) so my friends asked me,"hey, you just got baptised. So are you turning into a full grown woman now?? ")

I replied," haaah! I am not into that level yet. Honestly, I still cannot see myself wearing dress and makeups lol! But anything for Jesus, I will do and accept. If He is gonna change me. Why not.
But for now, after days of being baptised .. temptations are everywhere yeah. And it calls to be really alert.

Shall I fall into it? I don't know. But I believe, Holy spirit shall guide my heart.

So my take?

I admire lesbians, gays, homos who got changed back to whoever they are all for Jesus.
I admire their faith in Jesus and now some I know are living a peaceful , happy and blessed life.

But me?

I am just gonna enjoy my love for Jesus right now
and follow His leading. At least, now there are no longings in looking for another worldly, human intimate relationship.

My Jesus is enough.

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- feed your FAITH and your doubts will starve -

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