Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Jesus is my Healer keychain now available

My dream is to have a business.
And God leads me to His business. That's why I plan to put up my own Christian shop one day.


My first project has come to pass.

Now, I just need to let the whole world now about it.

It's a "Jesus is my Healer" keychains.

I want to have this as a reminder
that God has healed my migraine
And menstrual problems and everything that went with it.

Now I haven't have coughs, fever or runny nose for more than 4 years when I used to have it last time like it's really part of living or myself. I'm sooo thankful Jesus led me to the truth that sickness is not part of us!! It should be curse in Jesus name!! Amen!

By Jesus' stripes we are not trying to be healed...We are healed!

Let this little keychain lead you to your healer. May it remind you that the symptoms of your body, no matter how painful it is, it shall go away and bow down to Jesus!
When the doctors give up on you,
Don't freak out. Because Jesus won't!
Jesus is the Alpha and Omega.
Jesus is the Beginning and the end.
And Jesus alone has the final words to your situation.


If you're interested in my "Jesus is My Healer" keychains.
Feel free to contact me at

I can offer free delivery within Singapore.
As of other countries, I can only accept payments thru paypal.

Let me know.

Jesus is my Healer keychain
is only $1.50. 👍🙏☺❤

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