Monday, January 9, 2017

You are meant to be healed!

Saw this while in the train.

Yes. Cancer is uncurable.

That's why you need to prevent it from happening.

Change your lifestyle.

Take good, quality supplements that really restores your cells from the groundup.

I used to be sickly. But now my health has been restored.

In this world, use the help that you could get in staying healthy.

But what if good,quality supplements won't get you there?

Are you gonna give up?

Don't be !

Because above all these there is One more powerful source that could bring your health back to life.

That's Jesus!

I should have said that you can go to Him directly for your healing.


That would be awesome!

If you believe in Jesus as your healer.
Do it.

Say, "thank You Jesus, by your stripes I am the healed!"

Receive it!

But while the manifestations won't happen immediately cuz sometimes it will take awhile ,
it would be good to take supplements.
Pray over it and say,
"Jesus, I pray over these supplements to help speedup my healing. Amen!"

We are in a fallen world.
Just so you know all of us are candidates to all kinds of diseases.
That is why Jesus bore our sicknesses at the cross and by His stripes , we are healed!

We are meant to be healed so we can do the most important and fruitful things while we are here on this planet.

God wants you to live in an abundantly life!

So getup and claim your healing and restoration NOW and everyday!

Good morning :)

- feed your FAITH and your doubts will starve -

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