Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Don't be sin-conscious, be Son-conscious

If you get sin-conscious, you end up with nightmares.
If you get Son-conscious, you end up full of peace and joy.
Which one do you prefer?

Your Sins He Remembers No More
By Joseph Prince

“Why would God hear your prayer? Why would He heal you? Have you forgotten what you’ve done?”

Have such thoughts crossed your mind and discouraged you from reaching out to God for your healing or some other breakthrough?

Such thoughts that condemn you aren’t from God or the Holy Spirit. They originate from the devil. The enemy wants you sin-conscious and will even tell you that it’s “godly” to be mindful of your failures.

But God doesn’t want you sin-conscious—that’s not honoring what His Son has done for you at the cross. In fact, He declares in His Word that your sins and lawless deeds He remembers no more! God’s not keeping an itemized account of your sins. So why are you?

Beloved, don’t be sin-conscious today. Be Son-conscious, and watch God’s healing and provision for your every need manifest!

- feed your FAITH and your doubts will starve

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