Thursday, June 8, 2017

When Problems Attack, Seek The Lord

This is the best advice ever.
You know when your heart tries to give up, it is just right to call unto Jesus and stick with Him.
The more that the devil is playing arouns in your mind, stop and cut it away and switch your focus in Jesus.
Because the devil will always try to hoodwink you by telling you lies about you.
When he tells you you are a failure,
Tea him, "Maybe so. But thank God , through Jesus I am a VICTOR!"

When he says," you are meant to be sick in this world. "

Tell him, "No. Jesus is my healer. At the cross Jesus has cut all my sickness and curses. By His stripes I am healed!"

And keep praising Jesus !
Until the devil walks away broken hearted halleluyaaaah!!!

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